We’re thrilled to announce that Raunak Kothari has joined our firm as Of Counsel.  Raunak honed his practice in Manhattan, where he has worked with the most prominent family law attorneys in the city.  He has had a second home in Putnam County for nearly a decade.  By teaming up with our firm, he has brought his unique professional and life experience to clients in the Hudson Valley.

Raunak handles all aspects of family law, but his chief focus is on child custody cases.  He approaches these cases with the utmost care and rigor since children’s futures are on the line.  As clients quickly learn, his dedication is unmatched.

In addition to handling litigation, Raunak is also a certified mediator and collaborative law practitioner.  His background blends perfectly with our firm, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have him with us.

Kathryn Lazar and Brett Jones