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Divorce Litigation – court is necessary when voluntary resolution of disputes is not possible.



Custody, visitation and support matters, as well as orders of protection, can be handled in either Family Court or in Supreme Court. Divorces can only be granted by the Supreme Court. Depending on your situation, one court might be preferable. If you are going to pursue litigation, you should confer carefully with one of our attorneys before deciding which court would be most appropriate for your situation.

We handle uncontested and contested divorces, as well as family court matters related to support, visitation, domestic violence, paternity, adoption and related matters.

We have handled many thousands of such matters and are completely familiar with the operations of the courts. We can help you present your best possible arguments to the appropriate court if it is necessary to go to court to resolve your issues.

Special Issues for LGBTQ Couples
Legalization of gay marriages in NY State has brought about a flood of marriages, many of long established LGBT couples. In these instances, there are often complex property and other issues that may be difficult to address. Our practice includes negotiated prenups, mediation, collaborative divorce and divorce litigation in such situations. We have substantial experience working with LGBTQ couples, whether married or not, to assist in resolving financial and child related issues.

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