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Past Presentations

March 2022:  Introduction to Collaborative Practice

Kathryn Lazar, along with Dan McCabe, Dr. Allison Bell and Steven  Kaplan, conducted an introduction to collaborative practice for interested divorce lawyers and financial planners.


April and June 2020:  Protecting Children’s Inheritance in Divorce and Remarriage

Brett Jones, Kathryn Lazar, along with Vincent Teahan Esq. and Dan McCabe, Esq. presented a program to the Dutchess County Bar Association and another with Pace Law School about strategies for protecting children’s inheritance in divorce and remarriage.


Fall 2019:  Radical Candor

Kathryn Lazar, along with Dr. Allison Bell, presented two workshops applying the concepts of Radical Candor to the Divorce and Mediation processes at workshops held at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals in Chicago Illinois and the Association of Professional Family Mediators in Boston Mass.


Fall 2019:  Protecting Children’s Inheritance in Divorce and Remarriage

Kathryn Lazar, along with Vincent Teahan, Esq. presented workshops at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals in Chicago Illinois.


October 14, 2017: International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
Kathryn Lazar, along with Dr. Maria Alba Fisch and Dr. Allison Bell, presented a workshop at the 18th Annual Networking and Educational Forum in Philadelphia on “Working in the Shadow of an Order of Protection”. Their advanced workshop focused on the controversial topic of whether cases where domestic violence has occurred can be handled using the collaborative model, and if so, the special precautions and challenges presented.

February, 2017: Mid- New Jersey Collaborative Alliance Retreat
Kathryn Lazar, along with Dr. Maria Alba Fisch, were the keynote speakers and facilitators at the Mid-New Jersey Collaborative Alliance Retreat, held over two days. The topics covered included utilizing appreciative inquiry in the collaborative process, focusing on best practices, as well as a review of the use of a Roadmap to increase the efficiency of the collaborative process.

February 28, 2017: The Mid-Hudson Women’s Bar Association
Brett Jones and Kathryn Lazar presented a workshop to the Mid-Hudson
Women’s Bar Association on the topic: DIVORCE IN NEW YORK: PROCESS ALTERNATIVES FOR CLIENTS AND LAWYERS. The Workshop was attended by Hudson Valley women attorneys and was a review of Litigation, Collaboration and Mediation as alternative process choices.

May 26 – 28, 2016: European Conference
Kathryn Lazar, along with Micki McWade, LMSW and Jessica Lazar, PsyD, presented a workshop at the 5th European Collaborative Practice Conference, “Beyond Words”, held in Amsterdam, Holland. Their three hour workshop reviewed strategies for successful outcomes in difficult collaborative cases and the outcome of Jessica Lazar’s dissertation on stress in divorce.

May 4, 2016: Rescue Squad: Advanced Collaborative Divorce Techniques in Manchester, NH
Kathryn Lazar, Micki McWade and Allison Bell will present a half day advanced collaborative divorce workshop in Manchester, New Hampshire. Participants will explore what makes collaborative cases difficult, the contributions both the professionals and the parties make to the difficulties, and identify tools and strategies for rescuing difficult cases from failure. It is our firm belief that nearly all divorce cases can utilize the collaborative model and that the model assists families in attaining the best possible post-divorce adjustment. We teach methods to overcome obstacles to a peaceful divorce resolution. For further information about enrolling in the program, please contact Joanne LaGree at joannelagree@msn.com.

October 16, 2015
“Dealing with Addiction at the Collaborative Table” was the topic of a workshop presented by Kathryn Lazar and Micki McWade at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Forum, held in Washington D.C.

September 29, 2015
Kathryn presented a four hour workshop jointly with Maria Alba Fisch for 60 New Jersey collaborative practitioners: The Collaborative Rescue Squad.

October 25, 2014
Kathryn Lazar facilitated: Comparative Law in the Collaborative Process: Leaving Entrenchment, Expanding Creativity, on October 25, 2014 at the IACP Annual Networking and Educational Forum. The session compared legal outcomes for divorce clients around the world; considers the origins of notions of fairness and entrenchment; and explored strategies for creative problem solving. At the IACP Annual Networking and Educational Form, Vancouver, BC.

October 23, 2014
Kathryn Lazar co-presented: Collaborative Rescue Squad Training: Emergency Interventions, on October 23, 2014. At the IACP Annual Networking and Educational Forum, Vancouver, BC.

May 6, 2013
Streamlining the Collaborative Process: The Road Map. Maryland Collaborative Practice Council, on May 6, 2013 in Ellicott City, MD, as part of their Statewide Annual Meeting.

May 9-10, 2013
Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training for Professionals
Bear Mountain Inn, Bear Mountain, NY

November, 2012
“Interdisciplinary Teams: Why Are They Worth the Bother?”
Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Groups, Hartford, CT

June 1, 2012
4th European Collaborative Conference: Creating Consensus – Edinburgh, Scotland
”Road Maps: Keeping the Parties and Team on the Road Towards a Successful Conclusion”

June 16 – 17, 2011
Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training, Bear Mountain, NY

April 28, 2011
Symposium introducing Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce to Professionals, Poughkeepsie, NY

November, 2010
Social Science Meets Family Law: What is Best for Children? Hopewell Junction, NY

January, 2009
Advanced Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training, Rye, NY

November, 2009
Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training: Tarrytown, NY

January 10 – 11, 2008
Kathryn Lazar, Trainer: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training, 2 day training event for Lawyers, Mental Health Professionals and Financial Advisors, given at Wave Hill, Riverdale, New York

March 29, 2008
Kathryn Lazar, Trainer: Family Law Software, 5 hour presentation regarding the use of Family Law Software for lawyers and financial advisors. Sponsored by the Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce Association. Sierra Suites, Fishkill, New York

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