Are you contemplating a separation or divorce and want more information in order to make a plan ?

Are you in the middle of a separation process or divorce process including litigation, and want to proceed with trying to resolve the marital issues during this shut down?

Are you and your Fiancé or spouse discussing a post-nuptial agreement or pre-nuptial and don’t want to wait until the shut down ends?

We may have some solutions, which are based upon a combined 40 plus years of matrimonial experience within our law firm. Although our physical office is closed, the attorneys in our office continue to work remotely by conference call or video call with individuals and couples who want to try and make a plan to move forward, providing some stability and progress for themselves and their families. Given that the courts are closed and may not re-open until May or later, the back-log of cases will be unprecedented and the length of time it will then take to get to court or to achieve a resolution in court will be very long and expensive.

We are offering mediation services or legal representation to couples or individuals that will be a less expensive and a faster alternative to resolve their divorce and family law issues and will provide them with a certain outcome while other aspects of life remain uncertain given this pandemic and economic climate.

Types of Issues:

Strategic Planning to prepare now for a future separation or divorce
Negotiating a Separation Agreement
Negotiating an Agreement where there is a pending Divorce Litigation

Temporary and Permanent Child Support
Custody and Parenting Issues
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Post-Nuptial Agreements

How this Works: We have been conducting our mediation cases and individual representation via either video calls or conference calls. If you want to schedule a consultation to gather information, please contact our office manager at 845-797-8506 or to schedule the appointment.

End Game: Once a resolution is reached we can draft temporary agreements, Separation Agreements, and the divorce papers, temporary and permanent Agreements for support, custody, and Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements. However, the filing of the divorce papers will have to await the re-opening of the court system.

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