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Why a Prenup Makes More Sense Than You Might Have Thought

Making sure you’re on the same page financially before getting married We’ve posted before about prenuptial agreements (Brett Jones’s 2-part series in October 2018) but not from the perspective discussed here. Today we’ll look at prenups primarily from a financial ...
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Age 29 Health Insurance Coverage Law

Prospective divorcing parties in New York need to know about its “Age 29 Law.” This law permits young adults to continue or obtain coverage under a parent’s policy through the age of 29. To qualify for the “Age 29” law, ...
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Gray Divorce – How It’s Different

One in four divorces occurs between spouses over the age of 50. “Gray divorce” differs from divorces between younger people, who have more opportunity to rebuild their asset base post-divorce. Kiplinger’s Retirement Report for May, 2023, has an article which ...
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Trusts in Divorce

The existence of a trust in a divorce situation can be problematic. Don't try to deal with this on your own; engage an experienced lawyer.
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Modifications: Going Back to Court

Life changes may necessitate changing a divorce judgment or order. Changes may be financial, or relate to child custody. Legal information under New York law.
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