Some lawyers, trying to secure more divorce clients, trash mediation in their radio ads. Contrary to these advertisement’s claims, mediation frequently results in a better understanding of dispute issues and legally binding agreements, at less emotional and financial cost than litigation.

Mediation uses an impartial third-party to help people discuss their disputes, decide next steps and come up with solutions. Mediation is increasingly considered the appropriate dispute resolution process due to its cost-effectiveness, efficiency and ability to help people make decisions while resolving conflict constructively.  Individual mediation clients can confer with a lawyer to get any individual legal advice they feel they need, while they are going through the mediation process.

In our divorce mediation cases, we find that over 90% of the couples are able to come to a mutually acceptable agreement, spending less than half the time and money  they would have spent if they hired separate lawyers to negotiate or fight it out.  Consider it as a possibility.

If you are interested, you and your spouse would meet with one of our divorce mediators in a consultation to learn more and decide whether this is the right course of action for you to take.  If you are interested, call us at 845-896-9651 to set up a mediation consultation.